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Want something created? Commission BlueFXart! There are a variety of services to choose from! Animation, logos, social media branding, merch design, BlueFXart can do it all!

Graphic Image - $25+

A PNG or JPG image used for

promotions, social media, merch, etc.


Larger or more detailed pieces may have a higher price.


Logo - $25

A PNG or JPG image to show off your business!

Profile Picture - $25+

A PNG or JPG image used for social media.


More detailed pieces may have a higher price.

Banner - $50+

A PNG or JPG image used for promotions or social media.


Larger or more detailed pieces may have a higher price.

Merchandise - Prices Vary

BlueFXart offers a variety of physical merchandise options for your promotional needs.

Items included but not limited to are:

  • Clothing

  • Drinkware

  • Accessories

  • Techware

  • Home Decorations



Custom movie files and motion graphics.


Can be 2D or 3D

Added File Format - $5

Like your movie file but want an extra format?

Maybe you want both MP4 and GIF?

No problem!

We add a small charge per added file type.


Overlay - $30/Hour

Animated overlay used for:

  • Starting Soon Screen

  • Be Right Back Screen

  • Stream Ending Screen 

Scene Transition - $30/Hour

Animation that allows a clean move to your next scene/overlay on your stream. 


Icons that allow both you and your viewers the chance to express themselves in chat!

Animated Emoji - $10

Small animated emoji that can be used for

Discord, Twitch, etc.

Standard Emoji - $5

Small non-animated emoji used for Discord, Twitch, etc.

Individual Assets

Graphics and icons to include in your stream.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Webcam Border

  • Goal Bar

  • New Followers Bar

  • New Subs Bar

  • Alert Icons

  • Redeemable Icon

  • Custom Widgets

Other Artworks

Digital Painting - $50+

Want a specific style for an image or background?

Let us create for you!

Works include but are not limited to:

  • Backgrounds

  • Original Characters

  • Fan Art


Like your original concept but want a different color?

Maybe you like one design but want to keep a different version so you can use both? 


We are happy to give you any versions you would like for a small upcharge.

Request a Quote

Have questions regarding a commission?

We are happy to answer however we can!

Already know what you want?

Even better!

Thank you! Your request has been received!

*BlueFXart does not create any artwork involving nudity, obscenity, or anything related to inappropriate activity.
Any commissions or quotes requesting such activity will automatically be rejected.

BlueFXart has the right to refuse any commissions or requests that are not in the best interest of the business.
Thank you for your understanding.

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